App and online shop

Our payment processing solutions support your sales channels, be they online shop or mobile app - we integrate the range of payment methods suitable for your company and your customers in the required digital sales channel. Take the opportunity to access a range of payment methods on a single gateway. We will also address new technical challenges with you and identify the ideal payment service integration for your sales channel.




Credit assessment and fraud prevention

Our payment processing services also including risk management, which is immediately available upon customer registration on your e-commerce channel. It is wise to check the creditworthiness of customers during registration in order for the transaction processing initiated by the customer, including the payment method selected, the payment confirmation and the ticket purchase, to be secure. This could prevent misuse and permit the display of specific secure payment methods for the transaction based on the customer's payment practices. Other fraud prevention mechanisms are continuously being developed and optimised (for example, limit management and 3D secure), ensuring optimal cash flow.


Cashless transactions
at vending machines

We also take care of transaction management for ticket and parking ticket vending machines (card present) for you. We attend to any technical innovation (technical network operations) with regard to payment terminals, as well as commercial and technical network operations for your accounting. The changes to vending machines and point-of-sale terminals for contactless payment methods (for example, V PAY), and the related updates, are included in our project implementation. We will prepare an individual quote for the implementation of this payment method on stationary and mobile vending machines and point-of-sale terminals based on your requirements.




Claims management

Since we are customer oriented, sustainable growth in your sales is important to us. To support this growth, we will help you avoid losses and fraud, which requires the continuous optimisation of claims management. This includes a progressive dunning process as well as debt collection services, among others, for our contractual partners to reduce their administrative and IT effort.


Risk acceptance

Generate sales without risk with us! Since we are a financial services company, you will benefit from our acceptance of del credere risk in your customers' payment transactions. Thus, we secure your cash flow and disburse total gross sales on fixed dates, which means that neither will discounts for the individual payment methods be deducted nor will there be different disbursement dates for the various payment methods.




Multi-tenant ERP system

Benefit from our system's flexibility, which permits individual settings for each contractual partner. We can set up clients in our payment system based on your requirements, and adjust them as needed in the future. In addition, we provide individual limit management, which is tailored to your products and can be further adjusted at any time.


Secure data storage and performance monitoring

To meet the security needs of customers in processing payments, we take care to use secure IT environments and system processes. Fur us, the fact that we handle sensitive payment data entails continuously developing and investing in our IT systems to enable secure data management. We monitor the processing of individual customer payments as well as revenue allocation to you to keep track of incoming payments and enable punctual payment




Wallet for payments

Give your customers the opportunity to use a convenient payment method. Our wallet solution permits customers to store their favourite payment method easily, by entering their details only once. Customers making repeated purchases can then use the stored payment method, without having to enter their payment details every time. Customers can also change the stored payment method. This customisation helps you by improving your customers' satisfaction, since the wallet solution makes payments quicker and easier.