Shop and app API

We provide the best technical connector for each of your sales channels. We help you select the right components from our modular API system and thus, implement the payment integration tailored for your company. Benefit from the fact that you can integrate and alter a selection of payment methods through a single gateway, and change it at any time. In addition to qualified IT support, an experienced project team is also available to implement the payment methods.




Clearing and billing

At a time when digitisation and networking are becoming increasingly important, we have adapted our development to provide solutions for interoperable structures. We take care of clearing payments in a multimode and interoperable mobility provider structure for you, based on your requirements. Billing will be electronic or by post, as agreed with you.


Customised reporting

To provide you with maximum transparency in transactions across your respective sales channels, all your specific data is processed and made available to you in the form of statistics. You can establish the data format to be used and the analyses that are relevant for you. We evaluate transactions on a monthly basis, using suitable parameters, which you could also specify, to provide you with meaningful reports.




Customer Care & Services

Sustainable collaboration is contingent on jointly providing customers with satisfactory service. For us, this entails personally helping customers who have concerns about any payment, without the customers reaching a dead end. Hence, your customers have access to our Customer Care & Services Team staffed with qualified representatives. Our staff can be reached by phone and email to help with payment issues, which are also covered in our dynamic FAQs.


Login functionality

In order to meet your customers' requirements for transparency and security in processing payments, we have developed an optional login functionality that you can integrate into your own customer portal as an additional solution. This login functionality enables customers to keep track of their payment transactions in the secure environment we provide. There, customers will be able to view their purchase history, credit items and cancellations, just like a bank statement.




General terms and conditions and data protection services

Adhering to national and international legal directives and amendments is essential to ensuring that payment methods are processed in a legally compliant and secure manner. For us, this entails not only continuously developing and investing in our IT systems to enable and fulfil customer data management, but also regularly providing our partners that are incorporating new directives into their general terms and conditions with standardised pieces of text on payment.