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As a financial services company, we provide mobility providers such as transport companies or car park operators with payment processing for their products on various sales channels (for example, online shop or mobile app). There are various tickets that you, the customer, can select and purchase using your preferred payment method. We ensure secure data entry and transaction processing.


Single tickets are the lowest priced tickets of mobility providers and most transport companies and associations. Here, price differences are due to zone tariffs and are related to distance covered. You can easily pay the small amounts for these tickets online. We ensure that the transaction is secure.


Passes are generally weekly, monthly or semester tickets, and have a higher price in comparison with single tickets. It is up to each mobility provider to determine whether their passes can be purchased on digital channels or on fixed sales channels (ticket vending machines).


Subscriptions are generally available on digital sales channels and are yearly or monthly. The customer pays the subscription by setting up a standing order. Alternatively, the full subscription amount may be paid in advance. Just like the passes, subscriptions are in the higher priced ticket category, which could limit the number of available payment methods.


You may select the various tickets on mobility providers' sales channels, and pay using one of a number of digital payment methods.

As a financial services company and payment method developer for mobility providers, we conduct secure and reliable transaction management. The selection of payment methods varies by mobility provider and can range from traditional payment methods such as SEPA direct debit and credit cards to newer payment methods such as PayPal and SOFORT Überweisung, among others. The payment method you select from those available for each mobility provider is entirely up to you.