The Company

LogPay Financial Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DVB Bank SE (National Association of German Cooperative Banks). As a factoring company, it buys accounts receivable in the transport market. With an annual turnover of over 4 billion euros, it's one of the top market leaders in claims management.

A subsidiary of LogPay Financial Services GmbH, LogPay Transport Services GmbH issues fuel and service cards throughout Europe. The LogPay Card allows customers to pay for fuel and services like tolls without the need for cash.

LogPay Mobility Services GmbH is another LogPay Financial Services GmbH subsidiary, which offers technical services for transport companies in Germany. LogPay Mobility provides technical support for smartphone, online and employee tickets.

LogPay offers tailored solutions for your claims management.


LogPay's history is closely linked to that of the DVB Bank and begins with the founding of the Deutschen Verkehrs-Kredit-Bank Aktiengesellschaft (German Traffic Credit Bank AG) on 18th June 1923. At that time, it provided financial services for the German Reichsbahn. On 1st January 2003, all services related to payment collection in passenger and freight transport were transferred to the DVB LogPay GmbH subsidiary, which was established in 2001. The DVB LogPay is also active in the area of toll payments and issuing fuel cards. On 22nd April 2013, it changed its name to LogPay Financial Services GmbH.