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We work with renowned partners throughout Europe to make our customers more mobile and even more efficient – when will you join our network?

Your benefits:

  • Secured Creditworthiness – As a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services, we are your financially strong partner with over 100 years of experience in payment processing and financing matters.
  • Transparent Processes – We prioritize transparent processes, a strong focus on security, and digitalization – all aimed at creating value efficiently and with a future-oriented perspective.
  • Collaborative Action – We are your reliable and trustworthy partner – benefit from our expertise, and let us succeed together.


With the acceptance of our CHARGE&FUEL Card, LOGPAY Card, or one of our partner and co-branding cards, you gain access to the vast customer network of the VW Group with its passenger car and truck brands.

  1. Secure access to a large customer group with long-term customer retention potential.

  2. Quickly start with a straightforward, standardized interface integration into our IT.

  3. Benefit as early as possible when payment processing is integrated directly into vehicles or linked to them.

  1. We place your company in the LOGPAY app and on the LOGPAY station finder.

  2. For questions and emergencies, our 24-hour hotline is available to assist you in the most important languages.

  3. We support you in communicating with your customers through free promotional materials and campaigns.


Whether you're exploring our services, seeking tailored solutions for your company with our assistance, or simply a customer interested in utilizing our services – LOGPAY is here for you!


Visit our customer service website for any questions or feedback.


You can reach us by phone at +49 6196 8012 701