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Experience Seamless Transport with LOGPAY and our products for your fleet. You'll gain comprehensive options for more efficient fleet management and limitless mobility for your drivers.


Enjoy cashless refueling and recharging across Europe with a single contract for all types of vehicles!

With the CHARGE&FUEL Card and App, you can conveniently refuel and recharge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle across Europe. Our card is accepted as a payment method at over 22,000 fuel stations and more than 650,000 charging points in 30 countries.


Utilize our European network. Refuel at our renowned partner locations in 30 different countries. You can easily find individual acceptance points through the CHARGE&FUEL App. Additionally, make use of the cashless payment function MOBILE FUELING, which allows your drivers to bypass waiting times and reach their destination faster. You will receive an electronic statement for your monthly charging and refueling transactions.


With the CHARGE&FUEL Card, you can conveniently and comprehensively charge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle across Europe through a multitude of charging station operators. With us, you gain access to Europe's largest fast-charging network, IONITY. With a total of over 650,000 charging points, you're sure to find a suitable charging station along your route. Simply locate them in the CHARGE&FUEL App and save your favorites as needed.


+22,000 fuel stations in Europe
+10,000 fuel stations in Germany

With the CHARGE&FUEL Card and our Co-Branded Cards, you have the convenience of cashless payments at all participating locations.


+650,000 charging points in Europe
+130,000 charging points in Germany

Gain access to Europe's largest fast-charging network, IONITY.


+30 countries with our Co-branded Cards

Everything from a single source.
In a single invoice.




Enjoy a seamless journey with your vehicle using the user-friendly CHARGE&FUEL App on your smartphone. Utilize its search and filtering features to easily locate your preferred stations along your route.

- Fuel station acceptances
- Compare petrol station prices in the practical list view
- Pay directly at the pump with MOBILE FUELING
- Add multiple LOGPAY cards for greater choice when paying
- Find available charging stations with the plug type filter for efficient charging
- Display of the ongoing charging process for more transparency
- Overview of all charging and refueling transactions


Pay at the pump using the app


With our MOBILE FUELING feature, you can easily and securely initiate and pay for your refueling right at the pump using the app. It's perfect for when you're in a hurry and have the next appointment waiting. To use this feature, you need the CHARGE&FUEL Card and App, and for the initial use, the MOBILE FUELING function must be activated. Learn more about our service, activation, and our MOBILE FUELING acceptance network.


Charging company cars at home


We save you time! With the Home Charging Service, you can quickly and easily reimburse your company car drivers for charging conducted at home. Find out more about our HOME CHARGING packages now.


A Portion of the LOGPAY Acceptance Network

Our renowned partner brands

Discover a range of partner establishments that accept the CHARGE&FUEL Card, LOGPAY Card, and LOGPAY Card 4U as payment methods. You can also locate these acceptances within the CHARGE&FUEL App, making it simple to find the most convenient refueling options. Take advantage of our extensive network coverage across Germany and throughout Europe, ensuring a seamless journey to your destination.


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